Kalama High School Students Going Above and Beyond to Support Local Community

Kathy Schmit, McKenna LaRoy, Ashley Masters, and Parker Esary with Sherrie Tinoco, Director of the Emergency Support Shelter

The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) club members and Microsoft Office Specialist Master certified students from Kalama High School have gone above and beyond in their continued efforts to support their local community. In addition to training women at a local shelter, the students have decided to donate Jasperactive licenses to the Emergency Support Shelter as part of CCI Learning’s Jasperactive GIVE initiative.

“There are lots of people who deserve the chance to have a great job, and a better life, and by giving [the Emergency Support Shelter] Jasperactive, we’re giving [members of the community] the opportunity to do so.”, says Parker Esary, Senior at Kalama High School.

Jasperactive GIVE provides educational opportunities to members of the community through the power of technology. Jasperactive GIVE gives students and staff the chance to develop and foster community citizenship by providing local communities the opportunity to learn Microsoft Office skills for free. Each academic institution that licenses Jasperactive will receive an additional 500 user license to give to members of their local community.

With the help of a local business willing to donate 6 desktop computers to the Emergency Support Shelter, community members can continue to learn Microsoft Office skills and train for the Microsoft Office Specialist exams. This opportunity will also extend to the Community House on Broadway homeless shelter. Individuals sent by the Emergency Support Shelter and Community House on Broadway also have the opportunity to take a Microsoft Office exam for free.

We are confident that this will help those who want to help themselves by giving an amazing training opportunity”, says Kathy Schmit, Business and Technology teacher at Kalama High School. “Coupled with the Washington Public Libraries certification voucher system, [this] could potentially give unemployed adults industry rated certification, translating into a good paying job!”

Continuing to supporting the local community was something Ashley Masters, Microsoft Office Specialist Master student and Kalama FBLA Community Service project lead, felt passionate about.

“Being able to give Jasperactive to the Emergency Support Shelter was an incredible feeling. Not everyone who wanted to participate could attend the [training] we held, and Jasperactive GIVE will allow people to learn on their own time, at their own pace.”, explains Masters. “This project has allowed a new point of view for me and Jasperactive is an incredible way for people to become confident in a Microsoft Program.”

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