Getting Past the Hype

Getting Past the Hype!

I admit I bought 50 Shades of Grey after hearing all the chatter about the book. There was so much hype and so many different opinions I had to figure out what the hype was all about. The book started off with what I thought was a cute intro and then when I got to the first salacious moment in the book, I did find my eyes widening if only to ask myself, “Really? Ah, ok …” I wasn’t shocked as much as I thought there has to be more than just this that’s got everyone talking. So I persevered with the rest of the book and to my surprise, found I actually liked how the characters developed as I progressed further in the book.

Now why do I even mention this opinion in a blog here?

There is currently a lot of hype about the new Windows devices and in some cases, the new operating system, Windows 8. Being someone who is curious about hype, I found myself staring at Windows 8 on a Surface and then on a notebook. I played with the new toys and features and thought, “Really? Ah, ok …” However, I decided I needed to get over the hype and be willing to look at the other parts of the system.

I persevered with looking at the various features and commands I use on a regular basis and to my surprise, found myself liking this version of Windows. There are features that appeal to both new users and seasoned users. As one of these seasoned users who always uses extreme caution with new software releases, I was very pleased to see much easier it could be managing files and folders, and especially wireless devices – certainly an opportunity for new users to handle simple troubleshooting on their own!

Do you see the connection now from reading a book and using a new software? I want to emphasize how often hype leads us to back away from new products, but can open many opportunities and open your eyes to different perspectives. In giving myself a chance to explore further, I discovered things I liked and disliked about an item and in the long run found I liked it more than I had originally thought. I’m quite proud of myself for being willing to expand my own biases and you should be too if you have done the same.

If you find you are open to exploring Windows 8 a bit more, contact CCI Learning to discuss what products we have available. I think you’ll be quite surprised to learn how much we can help!

Until next time … Remember you have the power to discover your greatness!

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