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We are living in an unfamiliar environment right now where we are facing new challenges every day with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our way of life is changing, meaning schools are changing the methods they are using to give material to their students. Schools all around the world are adopting virtual learning environments to compensate for the traditional classroom environment that is currently not accessible. This provides the need for students to be able to access their curriculum and learning from anywhere.  

Jasperactive, online learning platform provides hands-on learning content, study tools, and practice tests, that can be accessed from anywhere with Microsoft Office 365. It allows learning to be taken out of the classroom, making it accessible from home or wherever they may be currently stationed during this unfamiliar point in time. Not only does this benefit during the global pandemic, but when life goes back to normal it is accessible from home, while traveling, when there is a snow day, or even home from school sick. 

Jasperactive allows learners to go at their own pace, and most importantly focuses on the skills that they do not possess and not what they have already learned. Instructors can have as much or as little interaction as they would like. They can set the guidelines, review and mark assignments, set time limits, and many more customizable functions. By incorporating Jasperactive into your learning, you give your students and instructors the ability to take their education out of the classroom. 

Jasperactive has the following courses available for Microsoft Office 365 & 2019, 2016, and 2013: 

  • Microsoft Word and Word Expert 
  • Microsoft Excel and Excel Expert 
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 
  • Microsoft Access 
  • Microsoft Outlook 

To find out more about using Jasperactive and how it can impact your school, visit If you would like to start using Jasperactive, contact a sales representative, here

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