Celebrating Student Achievement in Microsoft IT Academy

Microsoft Washington, D.C. Awarding Ceremony

On May 15, 2015, the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE), Microsoft, and CCI Learning, got together to acknowledge the  incredible achievements of Washington, D.C. students through the  Microsoft IT Academy program.

The ceremony awarded an HP Stream 13 laptop to one student from each Washington, D.C. school participating in the Microsoft IT Academy program. The award was given to the student who scored the highest in any Microsoft Office Specialist certification exam. A Microsoft Surface Pro 3 was also given to one student who achieved the most Microsoft Office Specialist certifications in Washington, D.C. Outstanding educators were also recognized. Egheosa Igbinoba, a Business Education Teacher at Calvin Coolidge Senior High School, was presented with Washington, D.C.’s first ever OSSE Microsoft Career and Technical Education teacher of the year award.

Top Left: Students and educators of Washington, D.C. Top Right: CCI Learning President and CEO, Malcolm Knox. Bottom Right: Director of Education Policy at Microsoft, Allyson Knox meeting and greeting the students. Bottom Left: OSSE Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Antoinette Mitchell with OSSE CTE State Director, Dr. Tony Johnson and CCI Learning VP of Sales, Jana Hambruch presenting award to Egheosa Igbinoba for OSSE Microsoft CTE Teacher of the Year.

The positivity of this event has strengthened the bond between OSSE, Microsoft, CCI Learning, and the educators and students of Washington, D.C. As the program continues to grow, the district has shown a significant increase in certifications year over year. They will confidently continue to support their students as they reach their certification goals while becoming college and  career ready.

Did you miss the action? View a recap of the ceremony:

LAYC Career Academy: Microsoft IT Academy Video
Microsoft Washington, D.C. Awarding Ceremony Photo Album

Success Stories in Washington, District of Columbia

Washington, D.C. is in its third year implementing Microsoft Office Certifications and the Microsoft IT Academy program. This has shown incredible success as more and more students become Microsoft Office Specialist certified. The Microsoft IT Academy program started as a pilot in one single high school and due to its immediate success, expanded to 10 schools within a year. The Microsoft IT Academy program is now being offered in 18 schools all across Washington, D.C.

Dr. Tony Johnson
CTE State Director, Office of the State Superintendent of Education, Washington, D.C.


We were very excited to partner with Microsoft and CCI Learning to expand and start Microsoft IT Academy in our schools. Now we get a lot of calls from community members asking, ‘How can we get this program in our school?’ That is some really exciting synergy. People understand the importance of IT certification in our global economy. Particularly for students of lower socio-economic groups needing this extra push to be as competitive as their counterparts. I think Microsoft IT Academy is that push and we’re excited about it.


Calvin Coolidge Senior High School


Participation in the Microsoft IT Academy program gives the students confidence using Microsoft Office applications as well as a sense of achievement with earning certification credentials. The students are excited to discover new capabilities of the software as they demonstrate their learning. Students have expressed that they will use their skills to secure jobs, completing assignments now and in college, and even teach their skills to younger family members.

Egheosa Igbinoba
Business Education Teacher and FBLA State Adviser

Benjamin Banneker Academic High School


Many of my students like the challenge that the Microsoft IT Academy program brings. Most importantly, it has
allowed them to work hard to reach goals. They have used their certifications to be better mentors including training staff and assisting with projects. This program has given my students the confidence and tools that will be needed in future experiences.

Marvin Spinner
M.Ed. Career and Technical Education Teacher



Contact CCI Learning for more information: 1 (800) 668-1669 | sales@ccilearning.com
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