The Life of a Practicum Student at CCI Learning

This blog post was written by Brittany Crockett, a practicum student from SAIT Polytechnic, as she reflects on her time here at the CCI Learning Head Office in Langley, BC. 

My name is Brittany Crockett and I was a practicum student at CCI Learning Solutions in the month of May, 2015. I won’t forget the day I first entered CCI Learning Solutions. I walked in and was welcomed to an array of bright colors, like a rainbow with an eye for design. If it hadn’t been for the logo on the wall I don’t think I would have known that I was in the right company. I expected a big conservative lobby and offices, instead I walked into an open concept office with music playing, and was welcomed by almost the entire staff! Instantly, there was a slight sigh of relief.

With my seat neighbors and Actualization buddies Lee John Solda (left) and Curtis Steeksma (right). 

A couple months later was my first day at CCI Learning, I was introduced to everybody: Curtis the singer, Lee from London, Sue with the sweets, Jannelle who didn’t like hugs, Daman with his own website Surrey604, and many more each with their own quirks.

My first week was exciting. I was able to take exams and become IC3 Certified. I was given tasks and the freedom to work on them and use my own creativity. I learned new applications and software such as working in CRM, SharePoint, Hootsuite and WordPress. Jannelle introduced me to social media marketing and even allowed me to create marketing tweets! She gave me the chance to experience something new and I think that’s what any student would hope to encounter. In addition, my favorite part would have had to be working on the CCI Learning Slide Decks. I was given so much freedom which allowed me to hone in on my own creativity while collecting feedback and tips along the way.

Fellow newcomer Ruth Desterke and I with our awesome Hour of Code and IC3 certifications! 

There were some technical challenges when I arrived and on one busy afternoon, the internet went down! I joked that my arrival caused all the bad luck. However, with the help of everyone around, we were able to overcome these challenges as a team.

I came to find pretty quickly what it would be like to work here. I knew I had settled in when I wasn’t too shy to pick the daily playlist anymore. If the phone rang more than two times without being answered, panic mode would initiate. If Bassam stole Jannelle’s mug again everybody would get a laugh, and on occasion we were given the opportunity to watch the Vancouver Whitecaps play!

I had one tough day at CCI Learning and that was when a friend passed away. I shared this news with one of my co-workers and within the hour I received condolences from everyone and was able to go home to be with my loved ones.

Brittany and the CCI Learning team
With some of the CCI Learning team on my last day – They brought me a cake! 

Everybody here is so different in the best ways and I think the best word to describe the culture here is simply enjoyment. I gained friends here, ones with the same interests such as playing soccer and hiking mountains. Ultimately I gained a new perspective, not only on business in general, but on work-life itself. I got to experience what it’s like to enjoy coming to work every day, to enjoy all of the people around you, and lastly, to work hard and have fun doing it! It’s not just new skills I will be leaving with, but also how to be myself. I am 20 years old and a majority of my experience in my field is school knowledge. It’s funny because this is the second time re-writing this blog. I was encouraged by my mentors to showcase my personality more, say what I want, and say what I feel! I couldn’t thank them enough for that advice as it opened my eyes and will keep them open.

It’s been fun CCI Learning and I thank you all. Brittany out!

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