Keeping Current With MTA

Technology is evolving and so should our learning.

In keeping current with objective domains with the latest technology trends in the industry, Microsoft has decided to retire a few Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) exams and replace them with new exams certifications.
Certiport Console 8
Starting  July 31, 2015, Microsoft will be retiring the following exams:

  • 98-349: Windows Operating System Fundamentals
  • 98-363: Web Development Fundamentals
  • 98-372: Microsoft .NET Fundamentals
  • 98-374: Gaming Development Fundamentals

But what does that mean for students currently on their certification journey? According to Microsoft, there is still time to take these exams before they retire, but depending on where students are in their certification journey, it is highly suggested that students consider pursuing a different MTA exam instead.

All is Not Lost!

With these MTA exams retiring, teachers can breath easy knowing that there are certifications that are in line with industry needs that can replace the retiring exams. Teachers who were planning to teach the above mentioned retiring exams should consider upgrading their curriculum by teaching the following exam certifications instead:

    • 98-349: Windows Operating System Fundamentals –> Windows Devices and Mobility Fundamentals
    • 98-363: Web Development Fundamentals –> HMTL5 Application Development Fundamentals
    • 98-372: Microsoft .NET Fundamentals –> Software Development Fundamentals
    • 98-374: Gaming Development Fundamentals –> HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals

Interested in evolving your technology skills? Contact CCI Learning for further exam information or visit the CCI Learning Store for our available certification courseware titles.


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