Manitoba High School Working to Improve Students’ Future with Microsoft Office Certifications

Swan Valley Regional Secondary School is working towards improving the future of their students. How? By offering Microsoft Office certifications!

Swan Valley Regional Secondary is a great example of an innovative school in Manitoba. Since offering Microsoft certifications, the number of students certifying in Microsoft Office is steadily increasing. Students like Taylor Mante, Tori Reimer, and Bailey Fullerton are paving the way for students who consider Microsoft certifications a valuable asset for their future career and post-secondary goals.

Swan Valley Regional Secondary School Students certify in Microsoft OfficeSwan Valley Regional Secondary School students Taylor Mante, Tori Reimer, and Bailey Fullerton with their Microsoft Office certifications.

“The Microsoft Office certification curriculum was very helpful,” says Tori Reimer, who plans on attending the University of Manitoba for Business. Tori believes her Microsoft Office certification will help her to become a successful business owner one day.

Bailey Fullerton also recognizes Microsoft Office certifications for her future goals. With two official certifications – Microsoft Office Word 2013 and Microsoft Office Excel 2013 – Bailey hopes to use her certifications to advance her studies and prepare for University.

“The curriculum was simple and easy to follow”, says Taylor Mante who has certified in both Microsoft Office Excel 2013 and Microsoft Office Word 2013.

Swan Valley Regional recognizes the need for digital skills in today’s technology driven world and is taking the initiative to prepare students for success.

“The Microsoft Specialist program has allowed our students to achieve a worldwide industry standard in software knowledge acquisition. This gives our students a skill set that will help them be more productive throughout their future educational goals. It also gives them a unique advantage that positions them for related careers and also helps them to be more productive individuals in their future workplace,” says Cam Mateika, Director of Research & Technology, Swan Valley School Division

CCI Learning recognizes the efforts of Tori, Bailey, and Taylor as the first students from Swan Valley Regional to successfully earn Microsoft Office certifications. CCI Learning continues to support Swan Valley Regional in their efforts to provide all students the opportunity to become Microsoft Office certified.

Interested in offering Microsoft Office certifications at your school? Contact CCI Learning for more details and be sure to ask about the benefits of Microsoft IT Academy.

*Photography by: Rob McDonald Photography

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