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Microsoft IT Academy: A Global Learning Solution

Download Microsoft IT Academy Career Potential

The Microsoft IT Academy Program is a global IT education solution connecting students, instructors, institutions, and communities through a life-long learning model of technology-skills development. Academic institutions worldwide look to the Microsoft IT Academy Program to offer the latest IT education programs for Microsoft technologies.

Courses are available to students working toward proficiency with everyday business applications and to those pursuing an IT career path. Member institutions may also offer program courses for faculty and staff professional development.

With a Microsoft IT Academy membership, institutions gain the instant recognition and credibility of the Microsoft brand along with comprehensive curriculum, software, and resources for students and instructors. Communities and businesses also benefit with a highly trained and employable workforce.

Download and print these FREE Microsoft IT Academy posters for your classroom! 

Learn more about Microsoft IT Academy Program and how it can benefit your institution.

Interested in having the Microsoft IT Academy Program in your institution? Contact CCI Learning for more information and how to get started with Microsoft IT Academy!

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