Terms and Conditions of Sale

Terms and Conditions of Sale

All sales of printed and online digital products by CCI Learning™ are made subject to the following General Terms and Conditions of Sale. By completing any purchase of such products from CCI Learning™ you hereby irrevocably accept and agree to be bound by these General Terms and Conditions whether or not you have read them. You may print and retain a copy of these General Terms and Conditions for your records. Purchasers of Electronic Copyright Licenses are also referred to the Additional Terms and Conditions of Sale in respect of such sales, which can be found at Additional Subscription and Services Agreements.



Dear Customers, we are proud to provide our educational resources and related products and services to support our customers throughout every province and region of Canada. We are also proud to support our learners and educational institutions throughout the world.

We would like to continue to support educational institutions, businesses, and the general public in Quebec. However, after a substantive review of the Quebec Charter and Regulations (referred to hereafter as the “Language Law”) and steps we have taken toward compliance we have had to temporarily suspend sales to residents of Quebec for whom exemptions under the Language Law are not available until we can complete our assessment and ability to provide full French support across all sales, marketing, products and supports touch points.

Until we can comply with the Charter, for our customers in Quebec for whom the Language Law provides exemptions that the institution, business, or individual may avail themselves of we are desirous of continuing and growing our relations within your ability to deal with us in English and for our customer and ourselves to comply with the Language Law. Accordingly this notice and amendment to our Terms of Sale for such institutions, businesses, or individuals resident in Quebec, we mutually agree that by entering into contracts or negotiations for contracts with us, you confirm that you are availing yourself of exemptions provided in the Language Law to engage and contract with us in English solely and do accept any responsibility for translating documents or other matters to French if required to maintain compliance with the Language Law.

1. Fulfilment

1.1. All printed books are sold FOB Shipment Point, the Shipment Point being:
1.1.1. In respect of printed books, the address of the printer fulfilling the order on behalf of CCI Learning™, or at its sole discretion CCI Learning™’s own premises if so indicated by CCI Learning™.
1.1.2. In respect of Electronic Copyright Licenses, CCI Learning™’s own premises.
1.1.3. In respect of digital and other products, the address of the original provider of the product, or at its sole discretion CCI Learning™’s own premises if so indicated by CCI Learning™.

2. Refunds

2.1. CCI Learning™ does not provide refunds in respect of any sales of printed books, online digital and other products of any kind.

3. Returns Policy

3.1.1. All sales of Microsoft Official Courseware and Microsoft Certified Professional courseware.
3.1.2. All Videos, eBooks, Exams, Assessments, Software, Electronic Copyright Licenses, and Practice Tests.
3.1.3. Printed Books, other than as agreed in writing with CCI Learning™ prior to order

4. Defective or Incorrectly Shipped Materials

In the event materials are found to be defective when first received by the customer or are incorrectly shipped, please contact CCI Learning™’s Client Relations immediately. CCI Learning™ will replace all such validly damaged or incorrectly shipped materials at no charge.

All sales are subject to our Terms and Conditions of Sale Agreement.

Exam and License Terms

All Certification exams and software licenses expire one year from the purchase date, or as otherwise agreed upon by the parties at time of purchase and referenced in the Quote or Order. No extensions, no returns, no refunds or exchanges.

Quotations, Orders and Contracts

  1. Unless otherwise agreed the validity of a Quotation shall be 30 days from issuance, subject to availability of products and services so quoted.
  2. A contract is undertaken after the Company receives written confirmation from the Customer of the issued Quotation (a Purchase Order from the Customer) when written acceptance of the Order (Order Confirmation) is sent to the Customer by the Company and the Customer has accepted the Company’s Terms and Conditions of Sale.
  3. The Company may in its absolute discretion refuse to accept the written confirmation from the Customer of an issued Quotation or an Order whether received from an existing or a new Customer. The Company will not be liable for any damages, loss or compensation arising from its decision to refuse, to accept or to cancel such issued Quotation or Order.
  4. The Company is not required to provide the Customer for any reason or justification to refuse or cancel the Order or Quotation pursuant to paragraph 3c. above.
  5. Order Acceptance is subject to Company Administrative Department approval which will control the fulfilment to the Customer.
  6. If any products or services specified within the Quotation become unavailable prior to delivery or fulfilment, the Company in its absolute discretion may substitute a reasonable alternative if available or remove the product or service from the Quotation if not.