CCI Learning works with educators, knowledge leaders and organizations to recognize personal greatness and potential. We understand that acquisition of knowledge is a consequence of a learning atmosphere built on motivation, engagement, confidence, creativity, fun, collaboration and positive encouragement. We understand that learning happens anytime, anywhere and in many ways.


Using technology to maximize productivity creates a platform for success. At CCI Learning we believe every lifetime deserves to be maximized. We want to provide learners with the necessary learning solutions to enhance the skills they already have and build the ones they don’t. We promote the flexibility to adapt quickly to the changing needs of businesses today by fostering the development of an educational toolbox filled with various skills. Communication and collaboration are at the center of productivity, utilize our various learning solutions and platforms to increase learners’ personal and professional productivity.

Computer Science

The only constant in computer science is change. Every business, everywhere in the world, uses computers and relies on technology. New tools, platforms and requirements are constantly appearing. Getting computers to do what you want them to do requires hands-on experience, and we have the learning solutions to provide learners with this experience! Learn the science of solving problems and utilize this knowledge to design software and apply solutions.


Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is about more than just being literate at using a computer. There are wider aspects associated with being digitally literate, including learning how to effectively locate, organize, generate, analyze, summarize and communicate information while using digital technologies. Learners should not spend life attached to a computer, they need to invest time and energy wisely, and learn the digital literacy skills to progress in education or a career path. Check out our learning solutions that promote the growth of digital literacy and effective technology usage.









CCI Learning is an Authorized Education Partner and Microsoft Cloud Essential Partner. Our Licensing division complements our overall business by licensing Microsoft product to our customers.