Microsoft Office 365 Learning Solution

Microsoft Office 365 is a software suite powered by the cloud, meaning it is always up to date. Office 365 applications and files are available from virtually anywhere — PC, Mac, phone, or tablet — giving you the freedom to work on the go. This courseware is designed for the Office 365 user and would be beneficial for anyone using it for both business and/or personal use. Therefore, from home to business, from desktop to web and the devices in between, you will be fully equipped with the tools and knowledge to get work done.

Work Your Way Around Office 365 With Ease

Office 365 courseware gives users a fundamental understanding of how Office 365 is administered, deployed and managed, and teaches users how to be productive with it. The Office 365 courseware teaches users how to sign in, access their personal profiles, and navigate and perform work in the Outlook Web App, the Lync client, and the SharePoint Online team site. This Office 365 courseware also contains exercises that users can use to learn each of the features discussed in each lesson.

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Interactive Hands-On Experience

To get the full experience of working with Office 365, we’ve built and created a full Office 365 solution exclusively for our customers that gives you the opportunity to work within the program as a member of a fictional company. This hands-on, interactive experience coupled with the courseware objectives gives users an authentic working example of Office 365.

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Comprehensive Lessons with Specific Objectives

The Office 365 courseware is a composition of four lessons each broken down to a specific component of Office 365 with specific lesson objectives. With our Office 365 courseware you will learn the following:

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Office 365

Lesson Objectives: Users will become familiar with the features and functions of Office 365, gather insight on how Office 365 is configured for an organization, tour a global navigation bar, and work a little bit with Office Online. Upon completion of this lesson, users will have an understanding of:

  • Describing the features and functions of Office 365
  • Describing Office 365 settings
  • Contrasting Outlook Web App and Sharepoint Online … and more!

Lesson 2: Using the Outlook Web App (OWA)

Lesson Objectives: In this lesson, users will look at managing and organizing email, calendars, contacts, and tasks. Users will also configure OWA options. Completing this lesson, users will be comfortable with:

  • Working with OWA options
  • Creating and responding to meeting requests
  • Linking and managing Linked contacts … and more!

Lesson 3: Collaborating Using Lync Online

Lesson Objectives: This lesson covers setting Lync options, managing contacts, using instant messaging, collaborating with Lync and using online meetings. After completing these lesson, users will be comfortable with:

  • Understanding privacy relationships
  • Understanding group conversations, conferences, and meetings
  • Specifying meeting options … and more!

Lesson 4: Managing Sites and Content in Sharepoint Online

Lesson Objectives: In this lesson, users will examine the structure of a team site, examine SharePoint permissions, and create sites. Users will also add lists, libraries, and other apps to sites. Upon completion of this lesson, users will be comfortable with:

  • Describing team site infrastructure, including site hierarchy, parent and child sites
  • Understand SharePoint permissions and permission inheritance
  • Co-authoring documents … and more!

Take a Look Inside

Want to see how it will all look and feel like? Take a look at a sample from our Office 365 coursware and get a preview of what each lesson will be offering.

Full Access to Additional Study Resources

On top of all the resources within the courseware, CCI Learning also has an Office 365 microsite equipped with additional resources to practice and apply the skills sets learned with the Office 365 courseware. Also, in addition to having material that reinforces what was taught in the course, CCI Learning also provides extra information and exercises that could not be crammed into the book! That means NEW stuff in addition to the review/reinforcement material already provided with the microsite. To view the microsite, all a users must do is register at 365.ccilearning.com and they will have full access to these additional study resources.


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Made For The User

Microsoft is constantly finding ways to improve its interface and services to better fit the needs of its users. Office 365 is quite literally made for the user. CCI Learning is also passionate about the needs of our users and continues to improve our courseware to ensure the highest quality of instruction for learning.

Save Time With Instructor Resources

CCI Learning provides Instructor Resources as part of the complete Office 365 Learning Solution. Our Instructor Resources enhance the learning environment by providing useful tools to prepare and enhance course delivery saving you valuable class preparation time.

With the Instructor Resources you will have access to:

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  • Course Preparation
  • Instructor Data Files
  • Instructor Notes
  • Lesson Plan
  • Exercise Index
  • Answers to Review Questions
  • Course Evaluation Forms
  • Paper-based Practice Tests

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