Academy of Hope Students Earn IC3 Certifications

We would like to congratulate Quiona Sullivan, November Dubose, and Christine Geraghty from the Academy of Hope in Washington D.C. for passing their certifications in IC3 –  Internet and Computing Core Certification – and are now Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certified.

Academy of Hope (Quiona Sullivan, November Dubose, and Christine Geraghty with their IC3 certification they earned at the Academy of Hope)

The Academy of Hope is one of the many schools in Washington D.C. registered into the Microsoft IT Academy program. Founded in 1985, The Academy of Hope is considered one of the most successful programs of its kind giving adult learners the opportunity to become part of a learning community where everyone is valued, adds value, and is both a teacher and a learner.

With the help and support of Microsoft IT Academy, students of the Academy of Hope are able to certify in IC3 and MOS. With IC3 students are able to build the foundational skills needed to excel in virtually all career fields as well as academic pursuits that require computer and internet applications.

We commend the efforts of the Academy of Hope and all D.C. schools registered in IT Academy and hope they continue to inspire and empower those who seek to broaden their career path.

For more information on how to implement Microsoft IT Academy at your local Washington D.C. school, click here.

If you would like to learn more about the Microsoft IT Academy Program, click here.

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