Supercharge your classroom with a free trial of Code Avengers

CCI Learning and Code Avengers have come together to bring quality coding curriculum plus teaching resources to offer students across North America the opportunity to learn and develop coding skills in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python and more.

Code Avengers is an online gamified web and application development curriculum developed by educators that gives students a deeper understanding and hands-on approach to coding. Code Avengers strives to develop fun and effective educational experiences for all students from K-12 to Higher Education.

Why learn with Code Avengers ?


Perfect for Beginners

Students learn the ‘what’ and ‘why’ with carefully sequenced lesson and gradual progression of difficulty.

Gamified Learning

The code challenges, quizzes, points, badges, and bonus games make learning fun for all ages.

Real World Projects

Students build their own apps, games and websites as they learn. Seamlessly integrates into school curriculum with any subject.

Class Progress Reports

Easily identify students that need support with live updates of each student’s progress.

Lesson Plans and Assessments

Streamline class preparation with lesson plans, supplementary notes, and assessment resources.

Teacher Training

Curriculum and teaching resources developed by teachers for teachers. No coding experience? No problem.

See How Code Avengers Works

What teachers are saying about Code Avengers

Henry, USA

“Students wanted to work on it at home also. They loved it!”

Troy, NZ

“I covered 3 times more material [with Code Avengers] than with my traditional teaching methods. If all teachers had access to resources like this, higher achievement would be guaranteed.”

Chris, UK

“The progression in difficulty and level of repetition is perfect.”

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