Career Opportunities

Vice President of Finance

Location: Langley, BC

Reports To: CEO, COO and Executive Team

Hours/Days of Work: Permanent Full time.

Salary Range: $70,000-$105,000, dependent upon experience.

Company Profile

CCI Learning is an education technology company, specializing in Interactive Courseware, Certification, Software Licensing and Educator Services.

We research, develop, source and distribute award winning information technology courseware.

We work with customers to successfully implement global industry level ICT certification programs that create positive change for students and workforce.

Our Actualization division delivers understanding of courseware, certification, and licensing in a variety of environments. CCI’s specialists work hard to make sure educators, teachers, and program managers are motivated, comfortable and excited to understand and implement education technology.

We are an Authorized Education Reseller and Microsoft Cloud Essentials Partner. CCI’s licensing division complements the overall business by licensing Microsoft Products to education customers.

About You

You are an outgoing, fun, social and interested prospective member of the CCI Learning team. You enjoy leading people directly and indirectly. You manage people to help them reach their potential. You understand the importance of company culture, as well as the disciplines needed to aggressively grow a business. You have a background at one of the “big four” but are now looking to take a management and leadership role in an industry that is in the early stages of growth. You are sales focused and enjoy interacting in the sales and business development functions of a business as needed. You have a smile for everyone. You must believe in education and the value of industry recognized qualifications. You need to have a drive for improving the lives of others and to help fellow citizens maximize their lifetime. You will be accountable for all CCI Learning's financial, administrative and risk management. Working as a member of the executive team, you will actively contribute to:

  • Developing CCI Learning's financial and operational strategy.
  • Developing performance measures that support the company’s strategic direction.
Initially you will also have primary responsibility for:
  • Developing and maintaining reliable, appropriate and cost effective control systems, for transaction processing, timely and accurate financial and management reporting of CCI Learning’s operations, and safeguarding CCI Learning’s assets.
  • Day-to-day treasury management of cash, foreign currency and general banking activities.
  • Establishing appropriate budgeting processes, and participating in assessment of significant spending initiatives and commitments.
  • Providing excellent general financial and administrative support for a sales-focused management team.
You will also be expected progressively to assume responsibility from the Chairman for:
  • CCI Learning’s tax and legal compliance in multiple North American and other jurisdictions, and corporate secretarial requirements and legal documentation in a business significantly based on developing and licensing its own and other intellectual property.
  • Assisting in developing and conducting effective financial and tax strategies.
Financial assistance received from the federal and provincial governments. You will be evaluated on specific performance metrics to be agreed. An element of your compensation will relate to achievement of these metrics.


  • Be fully involved in CCI Learning's day-to-day business in order to act as a constructive management and advisory resource for the executive team and the business as a whole.
  • Ensure an efficient accounting service, including timely and accurate transaction recording and processing, and preparation and analysis of regular and timely internal financial reports for management.
  • Provide sound and timely cash management and forecasting, including provision of regular short term cash forecasts, anticipating and responding to potential cash requirements, investment of any cash surpluses, and minimizing foreign exchange risks and conversion costs (mainly C$ vs. US$).
  • Maintain and (as appropriate) implement improvements, upgrades and replacements for CCI Learning’s accounting, CRM and e-commerce systems.
  • Anticipate and manage issues regarding transfer pricing between Canada and the USA (in conjunction with the Chairman and/or CCI Learning's tax advisers).
  • Plan and supervise an efficient annual financial statement audit process, including special audit reports for government assistance purposes.
  • Taxation compliance matters, including routine HST/GST and sales tax compliance across Canada and in a number of US states (handled internally), and timely Canadian and US federal corporate tax returns (with the Chairman/CCI Learning's tax advisers).
  • Contribute to discussions regarding all major investment decisions – these may include: new courseware developments; implications and commitments regarding addition of new products and supplier arrangements; expenditures on computers and systems; other large capital and revenue expenditure commitments.
  • Act as the senior executive management anchor around which the office administrative staff and other support activities operate, so as to minimize the need for day-to-day administrative involvement by the rest of the executive team.
  • Assist the Chairman in maintaining effective day-to-day relationships with CCI Learning’s lawyers, auditors and tax advisors, banks and related financial institutions, in Canada and the USA, and ensuring cost effective use of such professionals.
  • Oversee employee benefits plans, with emphasis on provision of comprehensive but cost effective benefits packages in both Canada and the USA.
  • Manage 2 direct reports in the Accounting department.

Required Skills & Qualifications

  • Qualified candidates will combine a formal accounting qualification with a degree probably in business, law, accounting or similar; however, the right practical experience obtained working in successful and professionally managed corporations providing international exposure may be more valuable than the specifics of the formal university education.
  • Have practical hands-on experience in financial and business management with at least some exposure to legal activity. Essential background is likely to include: a minimum of 5 years post qualifying experience, including at least 2 years in a management role; experience obtained in profitable, well managed medium-to-large industrial companies (probably not financial services, government or non-profit) or an international accounting firm.
  • Display above average intelligence, excellent oral and written English skills, persuasiveness, leadership and professionalism.
  • Be able to propose and defend sound business and management proposals within a management group focused primarily on building sales, while having the maturity to understand when to acknowledge alternative arguments and priorities.
  • Be enthusiastic about the business and highly competent in the technological environment it operates in.
  • Have above average practical accounting and administrative skills.
  • Be a good detail person, but able to switch effectively between routine tasks and higher level management involvement.
  • Bring professionalism and the ability to anticipate and avoid major business missteps without unduly obstructing the business building process.
  • Fit well as a leader in a youthful environment which seeks to combine professionalism with a creative and casual style, with a personal focus on staff development.

If you think you’re the right fit for this position, we’d love to hear from you. Please send your CV to and visit our LinkedIn job posting for more information.We look forward to hearing from all potential candidates. Good luck!